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Wealth Matters Live: Wednesday, August 6th at 11am July 28, 2014

This webcast will begin with an insightful discussion on U.S. taxpayer issues led by Michelle Connolly, Vice President of Wealth Planning, CI Investments Inc. and Titus Ebenezer, Regional Vice-President, Wealth Planning, United Financial, a division of CI Private Counsel LP. Join Michelle and Titus as their thought-provoking presentation ‘It’s not beware, rather be aware’ takes [...]

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Portfolio Construction: Capital Markets July 17, 2014

Capital markets performed well during the last six months against a backdrop of low interest rates, ample liquidity and solid corporate earnings. The Canadian stock market outperformed foreign markets mainly because of our economy’s larger exposure to the commodity sectors, which benefited from higher oil and gold prices. However, oil and gold prices are volatile. [...]

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